Student Supervision

Dissertation & Thesis Supervision:
projects in progress

Terri Schindel – Individual Interdisciplinary PhD – LIS & Educational Policy Studies
Pharmacists’ information behaviours and professional identities.

Diane Lee – MLIS
Students’ perceptions of management careers in the library and information professions.

Chris Reimer – MLIS
User satisfaction with chat reference services.

Jorden Smith – MLIS
Examining teachers’ attitudes towards information literacy instruction.

Dissertation & Thesis Committees:
projects in progress

Shelagh Genuis – Individual Interdisciplinary PhD – LIS & Nursing
Making sense of changing and controversial health information: Exploring the information behaviours of ordinary women and health professionals.

Liz Domm – PhD Nursing
Restoration in nursing practice.

Katherine Tamminen – PhD Physical Education & Recreation
Adolescents coping with stress in youth/sport contexts.

Jacki Whitford – MSc Occupational Therapy
The strength of the evidence for serial splinting and serial casting as treatment for elbow contractures in burn patients: A systematic Critical Literature Review.

Dissertation & Thesis Supervision:
completed projects

Chantal Ritcey – MLIS (2010)
Representations of Aboriginal women in pregnancy information sources: A critical discourse analysis.

Piotr Organisciak – MA Humanities Computing (2010)
Why bother? Examining the motivations of users in large-scale crowd-powered online initiatives.

Kristie Saumure – Individual Interdisciplinary PhD – LIS & Psychology (2010)
Motivation and the information behaviours of online learning students: The case of a professionally-oriented graduate program.

Hannah Goa – MA Human Ecology (2010)
The construction of poverty in the Income and Employment Supports Acts and Alberta Works.

Janice Trueman – MA Humanities Computing (2009)
Is EHR the cure? An examination of the implementation of an electronic health record in Alberta.

Martina King – MLIS/MA Humanities Computing (2009)
Is what you see what you get? Exploring the role of virtual reference icons on academic library websites.

Rhiannon Gainor – MLIS/MA Humanities Computing (2008)
The nature of leisure information behaviours in hobby needlework websites.

Heather Simpson – MLIS/MA Humanities Computing (2007)
Mapping users’ activities and space preferences in the academic business library.

Markus Wust – MLIS/MA Humanities Computing (2006)
Attitudes of university researchers in the field of education towards institutional repositories.

Kathy Wang – MA Humanities Computing (2005)
Information behaviours in the digital environment: A case study of humanities and social science scholars.

Dissertation, Thesis & Examining Committees: completed

Nathania van Kuik Fast – MSc Speech Language Pathology (2010)
Coping strategies used by children who stutter in response to teasing and bullying.

Kathleen Reed – MLIS/MA Humanities Computing (2010)
Positioning volunteer tourists in Thailand: Effects and implications for information behaviour.

Andrew Keenan – MLIS/MA Humanities Computing (2009)
Discourses of Information.

Shelagh Dunn – PhD Educational Psychology (2009)
Upstanders: Student experiences of intervening to stop bullying.

Reza Sherkat – PhD Computing Science (2007)
Similarity queries over archival data.

Jing Zhou – MA Humanities Computing (2006)
English Chinese kindergartens: A location allocation project.

Marcia McLean – MSc Human Ecology (2005)
Home sewing and the construction of feminine identities in Alberta 1950-1970.

Johanna Jurkola – MSc Human Ecology (2003)
Treading lightly on the environment: Using Second World War fabric saving and clothing reuse techniques to inform contemporary women’s clothing design.

Masters’ Projects: completed

Linda Lowry – MA Communications and Technology (2005)
Interaction and knowledge exchange among academic business librarians in Ontario: A mixed methods inquiry.

External Examinations –
National & International: completed

Jelena Magliaro – PhD Education, University of Windsor, Canada (2010)
Comparing information literacy needs of graduate students in selected graduate programs through the Technology Acceptance Model and Affordance Theory.

R. Natarajan – PhD Library & Information Science, Annamalai University, India (2010)
Information access pattern among the students of professional and non-professional courses in Annamalai University: A study.

Godey Naga Ratna Mani – PhD Library & Information Science, Andhra University, India (2009)
The status of library and information facilities and services in engineering colleges of Andhra Pradesh: An evaluative study.

Directed Study Supervision (LIS 599/699)

More than 40 projects on such topics as:

  • Web usability
  • Students’ information behaviours
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Discourse analysis
  • Library spaces
  • Reference services