Graduate Subjects/Courses – Previously taught (Charles Sturt University)

INF 550: Research Project in Information Studies
Issues and questions which arise from the candidate’s professional practice or previous study are identified and provide the basis of the research project. Students are supervised as they develop a research proposal, apply for ethics (where appropriate) and execute their research in a chosen field of information studies.

Graduate Subjects/Courses – Previously taught (University of Alberta)

LIS 526: Instructional Strategies for Library & Information Professionals
Theory and practice related to the teaching roles of the librarian or information professional. Includes planning, implementation and evaluation of pedagogical approaches for the design of effective information literacy and professional development instructional sessions.

LIS 534:  Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability
An examination of the principles and practice of web usability, with a focus on information architecture, layout and design, metadata and other topics related to effective web design and management. Includes an introduction to HTML and other web coding.

LIS 535: Advanced Topics in the Organization of Knowledge
An examination of the principles and practice of indexing, abstracting, thesaurus construction, metadata, database management, or other topics relevant to the organization of knowledge.

LIS 536:  Digital Reference & Information Retrieval
An examination of the integration of digital services into the array of reference services, with an emphasis on information retrieval systems and their effective use by professionals and end users.

LIS 590: Practicum
The application of course work learning through experiential learning in a library and information centre setting.