Information practices in non-profits: Knowledge management & technology use

ARC Discovery Project 2016–

Project OverviewProject Team

Project Overview

This project aims to study the potential for nonprofit organisations (NPOs) to adopt low-cost tools (eg social media) for knowledge sharing. It plans to use an innovative qualitative design combining expertise in knowledge management, information behaviour and web usability to explore how NPOs manage knowledge to support their mission as they adopt emerging technologies. In an increasingly competitive environment, NPOs must maximise productivity by using low-cost, appropriate technologies. Results may inform the design of new tools and staff training to support NPOs’ goals.

This research will directly impact non-profit organisations (NPOs), as findings will be shared with participants and across the sector to improve daily information and technology practices. The results will be used to guide NPOs in the adoption of new tools for knowledge management (KM) to enhance productivity. The unique qualitative design, combining web usability, KM and information behaviour will also guide future development of research approaches within other organisational contexts.


Australian Research Council, Discovery Project. $145,000 (AUD)

Project Team

Lisa GivenLisa Given, Chief Investigator

Professor Lisa Given is Professor of Information Studies (School of Information Studies) and Research Fellow in the Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education at Charles Sturt University, Australia. A former member of the College of the Australian Research Council and is an Adjunct Professor in Humanities Computing, Faculty of Arts and in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta, Canada. Lisa leads the project (i.e., data collection, analysis, writing), including supervising staff, liaising with partners, and providing expertise in information behaviour, user experience of technology tools, and qualitative inquiry.

Dinesh Rathi, Partner Investigator

Dr. Dinesh Rathi is Associate Professor at the School of Library and Information Sciences, University of Alberta, and brings specialised expertise in knowledge management, social media use and non-profit organisations.