New Journal Article Published

I co-authored a recently published article discussing the use of observational video recordings to document young children’s use of technology in their homes. Although observational research practices have been used for decades, often with video-based techniques, the participant group in this study (i.e., very young children) and the setting (i.e., private homes) provide a rich space for exploring the benefits and limitations of qualitative observation. The article provides recommendations for future observational designs in similar settings and/or with similar participant groups.

Read the full article in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods volume 15, no. 1.

Given, Lisa M., Denise C. Winkler, Rebekah Willson, Christina Davidson, Susan Danby, and Karen Thorpe. 2016. “Parents as co-researchers at home: Using an observational method to document young children’s technology use.” International Journal of Qualitative Methods 15(1): 1-9.